1 April 1997

Tehran , Iran

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About me

Hello! I'm Farzad Jozaghi, I was born on 1 April 1997 in Tehran, Iran.
When I was Three years old my father bought a Computer for me. I fall in love with it and spend many times playing and exploring it! When I was in High school I am studying Computer Graphics, but I thought school is boring and it can't challenging me enough! So I started to learn professional Computer science with Pre-MCSE. After 1year and half, I completed six courses of MCSE. After that, I searched for a job, but there is not a good job for a 17years old guy without Academic degree or any work experience. I should change something! I started to learn basic web design in a small academy and joined one of my friend's digital marketing team, OxTeam. After some months I experienced my first professional job as a Web developer in an online advertising company. I worked there for 1 Year and learned so many other things about SEO, Digital Marketing, Advertising Campaigns, etc.